A partnership that stands for quality: Digital Life Sciences and YAVEON

New partnership between Digital Life Sciences and YAVEON

“Com­ple­ment each other.” The prin­ci­ple that stands for good soft­ware pro­jects with cus­to­mers counts just as much when working with part­ners. The Di­gi­tal Life Sci­en­ces and YAVEON have de­ci­ded to co­ope­ra­te in or­der to pro­vi­de cus­to­mers with the best of both worlds:

The com­mon un­der­stan­ding of the in­dus­try, the im­ple­men­ta­ti­on ex­pe­ri­ence and so­lu­ti­ons pro­ven over many ye­ars mer­ge into one unit. Our goal: Pro­vi­de cus­to­mers with ho­li­stic pro­ces­ses from the ERP sys­tem th­rough qua­li­ty ma­nage­ment deep into the organization.

Why Di­gi­tal Life Sci­en­ces and YAVEON?

A func­tion­al do­cu­ment and qua­li­ty ma­nage­ment or ERP sys­tem is more than just a buil­ding block for com­pa­nies. The­se are the pre­re­qui­si­tes for long-term suc­cess both in the re­gu­la­ted en­vi­ron­ment and in all other in­dus­tries com­mit­ted to high qua­li­ty stan­dards. Both ef­fi­ci­en­cy and com­pli­ance are in­creased by the sys­tem support. 

We are plea­sed that YAVEON is now ex­pan­ding its pro­duct port­fo­lio with the ECM and QMS pro­ducts of Di­gi­tal Life Sciences.

In­dus­try know-how, ex­pe­ri­ence, sympathy

The pro­ducts of Di­gi­tal Life Sci­en­ces are espe­ci­al­ly de­si­gned for the needs of com­pa­nies in a re­gu­la­ted en­vi­ron­ment. The fo­cus is on GxP-com­pli­ant so­lu­ti­ons for do­cu­ment and qua­li­ty management.

YAVEON is at home in the phar­maceu­ti­cal in­dus­try, bio­tech­no­lo­gy, che­mi­cal in­dus­try, food, cos­me­tics and me­di­cal tech­no­lo­gy and can draw on many ye­ars of pro­ject ex­pe­ri­ence. Com­bi­ned with our soft­ware mo­du­les, this re­sults in a uni­que com­bi­na­ti­on that un­folds its full be­ne­fits espe­ci­al­ly when in­terlo­cked with each other.

YAVEON — In­dus­try ex­pert and more

YAVEON, head­quar­te­red in Würz­burg in Lower Fran­co­nia, has been suc­cessful­ly ser­ving cus­to­mers in the re­gu­la­ted en­vi­ron­ment for many ye­ars. In ad­di­ti­on to ERP, ECM and QM pro­jects, the com­pa­ny pro­vi­des sup­port for au­to­ma­ted data ex­ch­an­ge, busi­ness in­tel­li­gence and CRM so­lu­ti­ons. The fo­cus is on the customer’s be­ne­fit — be­cau­se di­gi­tiza­ti­on is more than just a buzzword.

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