A good start at Digital Life Sciences

A good start at Digital Life Sciences

The im­portance of trai­ning is de­mons­tra­ted this year by the shorta­ge of skil­led workers and the lack of fu­ture pro­s­pects for young peo­p­le. At Di­gi­tal Life Sci­en­ces, we are ta­ck­ling this and of­fer our new trai­nees as well as a per­ma­nent em­ployee long-term fu­ture pro­s­pects in our com­pa­ny. With around 60 em­ployees now, we pro­vi­de our new col­le­agues with the pro­s­pect of long-term em­ploy­ment and job se­cu­ri­ty. In ad­di­ti­on, Di­gi­tal Life Sci­en­ces of­fers a good start to pro­fes­sio­nal life in a cor­di­al and re­la­xed at­mo­sphe­re. As a suc­cessful and fast-gro­wing IT com­pa­ny, we are com­mit­ted to pro­mo­ting our ju­ni­or staff and employees.

On Au­gust 1, we warm­ly wel­co­me our new trai­nees An­na­bel Schul­te (2nd from left), Ti­mon Schul­ten (3rd from left), Omar Al­bun­ny (4th from left) and our new col­le­ague in sup­port, Sa­scha Buß­hoff (1st from left).

We wish our new trai­nees and col­le­agues a good start, much suc­cess in their new tasks and look for­ward to a pro­duc­ti­ve and long-term cooperation.

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