Training d.3 Life Science Administration and configuration controlled documents

Conducting an employee training session in a training room with a large number of people

Again Di­gi­tal Life Sci­en­ces GmH has ex­pan­ded its ser­vices. We are very hap­py to of­fer com­pre­hen­si­ve trai­nings in the area of d.3 Life Sci­ence Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on and con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on to you now.

Ba­sed on the feed­back on this year´s an­nu­al mee­ting and the re­gu­lar and con­s­truc­ti­ve ex­ch­an­ge with our cus­to­mers, we have de­ve­lo­ped a cor­re­spon­ding trai­ning con­cept for you ac­cor­ding to your wishes.

The trai­nings are pri­ma­ri­ly in­ten­ded for d.3 ad­mi­nis­tra­tors and re­spon­si­ble QM spe­cia­lists with IT back­ground. Par­ti­ci­pan­ts will, among others, be able to set­up do­cu­ment ty­pes as con­trol­led do­cu­ments and make ne­ces­sa­ry con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons in d.3 Life Sci­ence Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on by themselves.

More in­for­ma­ti­on on the trai­ning con­tents and in­cluded ser­vices as well as dates, du­ra­ti­on etc. you will find in the sec­tion Ser­vice – Trai­nings or by cli­cking the fol­lo­wing link.

You can re­gis­ter yours­elf for the trai­ning sim­ply via the link/our website.

Don´t miss the chan­ce to at­tend our com­pre­hen­si­ve and in­for­ma­ti­ve trai­nings. We are loo­king for­ward to many registrations.

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